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Tectonic Arts.


Editorial #3



A/W 2023

The Tools Exist.

A notebook and toolkit in conversation with those at the shattered edges of art, architecture, fashion, music, design and technology.


BEWARE OF THE DOGS. A profile of 12 Dogs, the underground Jozi rap group. ANTOINE D’AGATA INCOGNITO. The Magnum photographer’s haunted topographies. AGITATION with ARMATURE GLOBALE. An interview with the elusive Milanese architecture firm. NO SMALL PRINT: RAINY MILLER’S FIXED ABODE. The history of Manchester’s avant-garde, industry-defying music label. VAMPIRE REFLECTIONS. Digital fault-lines and religious states, in conversation with the artist Isaac Sullivan.  THE END OF THE ROAD. Jonathan Ledgard discusses his latest sci-fi enterprise— Interspecies Money. Yes you heard that right. OYSTERS IN MIDRAND. The taboos and delicacies of Jack Markovitz’s latest photo project. GREY MATTER. A CONVERSATION WITH KATHARINA KORBJUHN, creative director and editor of Paradigm Trilogy, about the future(s) of fashion. THE CONTAMINATED LINE. A cross-section of Kaelik Dullaart’s seething practice.

With original art and writing by Alex Whitehead, Ella Motean, Fin Cousins, Kyle Thomson, Manga Ngcobo, Ruby Bailey and Sam Harding.


Shipping to the UK and EU.


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